Feature Update – 2013 Q4

Our unrelenting drive to push RegsApp forwards and make it the simplest and easiest to use policy management tool has continued feverishly in the last month or two.

We’re continuing to improve and tweak performance with JQuery/AJAX UI improvements as well as more major works in the backend.



    • Expandable content categories: To speed up navigation we added expand/collapse buttons to categories with sub-categories. Speed is crucial to us and we’ve got more improvements coming.
    • Added ‘Editor’ role: There is now a new role called ‘Editor’ that can be assigned as a content permission, this allows some separation between the other permissions roles. See our admin guides for more detail.
    • Policy approval (planned): We are currently working on the ability to have a policy approval workflow for a piece of content and/or a content category. This will allow organisations to delegate policy creation and maintain a strong system of governance.


    • Alphabetical listings of content categories: There was some discrepancies around the ordering of categories and sub-categories. They are now A-Z with numbers prioritised to the top.
    • IE10+ Editing resolved: An update in IE10+ caused an issue with editing/creating document content.
    • Document settings tab tidied up: The visual layout within the settings tab of the policy document editor has been brought up to scratch.

That’s all for now. We’re currently working hard on building the new features and continuing to improve Regs in the run up to the festive season!


We with you a merry christmas and a happy new year if we don’t talk to you sooner!

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