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Staff training

Being able to deploy training quickly and cheaply is very difficult to achieve. Traditional e-learning platforms are time consuming to implement and expensive to create content for. This makes in organization eduction very challenging.

With TightShip you can quickly and easily create training content integrating images, video and presentations. You can assign the content to be read by your team and get reporting on who has completed. To make sure that everyone has properly read and understood your content you can set a quiz for them to complete.

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How it works

Assign content & quizzes

  • Decided which groups of users you would like to assign content to
  • Get instant progress reporting on how everyone is doing

An online guide for your team

  • All files including PDFs Word documents and Presentations are searchable
  • Your team can access all the key knowledge they need from anywhere

Create content in minutes

  • Use our rich editor to create content that includes images, videos and rich-media
  • Create easy to follow categories for different topics
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