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Document management

Having your critical business files and documents stored in multiple places is a major issue for document management. It means that your team won’t be able to find documents when they need them and makes keeping confidential documents safe almost impossible.


TightShip puts you in control of your document management. All of your content whether it be Word documents, PDFs or even just images can be stored in cloud where you can keep control of access. For your documents you can track versions and audit who has read them, all the time knowing that they are securely stored using the highest possible security protocols.

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How it works

Control access

  • Create different areas for your different teams to view/add files
  • Set different user levels to different sets of users

Find content instantly with search

  • All files including PDFs Word documents and Presentations are indexed
  • Intelligent search shows relevant phrases in search

Show changes with version control

  • See exactly who has made changes to documents
  • Track exactly what text has changed
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