Simple Accessible Data

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We’ve recently been working on UI for and we’ve been coming into contact with some interesting UI challenges. Notably figuring out how to present some reporting information in our front-end for admins. One of the more challenging ones is knowing what elements/patters are available to use.

Feature Update – 2014 Q1: Approval Requests..

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2014 Q1 has seen some important features that have been heavily requested by users.

  • Approval workflows
  • Content review dates
  • Improved printing/PDF options
  • Improved navigation (soon)
  • Click in for more info!

Feature Update – 2013 Q4

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2014 Q4 has been great for feature development and we’re not even at the end of the year.

  • Better content UI
  • Improved speed to get to content
  • Policy approval workflow (Planned soon)
  • Click in for more info!