Regulatory compliance

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Regulatory compliance

Every year the compliance landscape gets increasingly complicated. With increased scrutiny during audits and ever changing legislation managing policies by paper is fast becoming a thing of the past.


TightShip puts you in control of your compliance regime. All of your content whether it be Word documents, PDFs or even just images can be stored in cloud where you can keep control of access. For your documents you can track versions and audit who has read them, all the time knowing that they are securely stored using the highest possible security protocols.

Get reporting on exactly who has and has not signed off on policies and generate your audit reporting in minutes not days.

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How it works

Updates in minutes, not weeks

  • Create/update content in minutes
  • Have the new policies approved by stakeholders
  • Send out policies for e-signing by your team

Make audits a piece of cake

  • Generate detailed reporting against individual policies
  • Identify which users have and have not signed off on content

Let us do the chasing for you

  • Automated emails and reminders chase users for e-signatures
  • When new team members join they can be assigned all past content
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