Awesome Employee Evaluation Templates

Paperwork or Opportunity?

Most employees dread them and managers hate thscalese paperwork. But employee evaluations are a good time to sit down face-to-face with the people you work with and figure out what is and isn’t working.

The quality of the process can be massively influenced by hr and management. If your process is crap and boring then your staff won’t like it. Simple. So make it fun, interesting and an opportunity for employees to shine.

What’s the point?

Ideally you want to find out from your employees, what they’ve been doing and what they want to do. What they think their criteria for success are, areas that they could perform well in and areas that they might need support.

Some forms

We’ve hunted around the internet for you to find the best employee evaluation templates that are out there.

Business balls employee evaluation templates
Really love these guys they make business simple and understandable for everyone and have got a template that is spot-on for most companies.

(Very) Detailed Employee Evaluation
We’re not so keen on this sort of employee evaluation. It’s probably too long to be able to make sense of for any manager both manager and employee will get bored. Good source for inspiration.

How Google conduct their evaluations
A good modern combination of self review and peer review. Nice amount of detail in this 1st person explanation.

Other useful resources

Great article on performance reviews from squidoo

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