Welcome to the TightShip Podcast!

Welcome to our new podcast. I’ve spent a while looking around the internet to find good operations management content and haven’t found it. After talking to some founders, CEOs and authors we’ve decided that we’re going to make this a regular feature.

Stay tuned for some great interviews and inside information on how to keep a tight ship!


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Welcome tightship my name is Duncan Malcolm and I’m the founder of Tightship. We’re doing a series of interviews with some really interesting people. We’re looking at founders, COO’s, CEO’s, authors, and we’re talking about operational excellence.We really want to find out how organisations that are growing and growing successfully are doing that in a successful manner and keeping everything running really smoothly internally.

We see a lot of companies growing very well from a sales persepective but not keeping up the backend/product as well as they should.

We’ve also seen a lot of content on the web around sales, a lot of content around growing businesses but what we’re really interested in is looking inside the business. Figuring out what’s going on, how the organisation is keeping together and what makes them tick, what the special DNA inside those organisations is.

In the hope that you’re going to be able to take it away and maybe put it into practice in your business or at least takes some lessons or insights from it.

My background is that I founded a managed hosting business about 7 years ago. That business it’s obviously very important to keep everything running very smoothly.

We had a lot of clients, lots of servers to manage, lots of different processes running lots of different things going on.

Since then I’ve worked as a consultant, I’ve worked with lots of different businesses, I’ve worked in the enterprise space doing enterprise space..

I’ve done quite a lot of work in the training sector in the past couple of years and that’s brought me around to TightShip and what we’re doing now.

It’s an area that’s really interesting, but I don’t feel that there’s enough content out there about how organisations get things working and running smoothly.

So that’s the goal for this series, we’ve got some really amazing guests lined up and I hope you find it interesting.

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